Chocolate Noodle Cookies

12 ounces chocolate semi-sweet
chocolate chips
1 large can thin Chinese noodles
1 cup chopped walnuts
Handful of almonds

Melt chocolate chips in double
boiler, add the Chinese noodles,
chopped walnuts and a handful
of almonds. When all mixed together,
remove the upper section of the double
boiler. Line your cookie sheet
with waxed paper, then, using a teaspoon,
drop mixture onto cookie sheet.
Each cookie will be a slightly different
shape because of the Chinese noodles
protruding. When all the cookies have
been placed on the cookie sheet, re-
frigerate the cookie tray until
the cookies harden. This should take
about an hour or so. These cookies
are also good to freeze.
Your guests will marvel at these de-
licious tasting cookies.

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